Why Windermere?

The Clock in Historic Downtown Windermere

The Clock in Historic Downtown Windermere

The history of breweries both in Europe and America revolve around small towns throughout both continents. The local brewery concept isn’t a new one, in fact, it's one of the oldest business concepts in historical record. Although there are historical arguments on the “discovery” of beer, it can also be strongly argued that it is one of the oldest business concepts in world history. Inventions we take for granite today, such as written language and the microscope, where by and large heavily influenced by the art and science of brewing. The local brewery isn't just about beer, it is about community, local pride, and a place where a local community can journey to for an evening of conversation and revelry before returning to the grind the next day.

So why this town? Well we are Windermere, a small Old Florida town located in West Orange County and surrounded by the pristine Butler Chain of Lakes. Geography aside, Windermere started as a getaway for early recreation seekers who found some of the best bass fishing in the State and quickly became a Citrus boom town when the Federal Government subsidized land to promote movement into Central Florida. One of our early founders, J. “Cal” Palmer started the Windermere Improvement Office which spurred economic development and brought in more and more residents leading to the incorporation of the Town in 1925. 

Today, Windermere is a tucked away community still steeped in its history and back dropped by one of the best urban canopies in the State. Our Town values its history, sense of community, and prides itself on being one of the last slices of true Old Florida paradise. One of the icons of Windermere is our small and highly walk-able Downtown Business District. With an iconic brick road dotted by ancient live oaks, this downtown is right out of a postcard for small town America. This iconic place is where Windermere Brewing Company plans on establishing itself as the local brewery for first and foremost the residents of this amazing place.

Not only as owners, but as town residents, our goal is to provide the community we call home, with a place to walk to, a place to have countless conversations, a place to get together after a long day at work, and a place they can have pride in calling their hometown brewery. As huge believers in local business, we have partnered with local architects, builders, and landowners to make this place not just our business but your home. We don’t see this as a new concept, but in fact, one of the oldest concepts in history. We see a future for downtown Windermere as a lively center where you can walk to or bring the golf cart and enjoy our amazing Town for a while. 

This is why Windermere. We can’t wait to be your local brewery!